Solar Healthier Pool Purifier Makes Swimming More Comfortable

Published at: 1/17/2013 Category:
Summer is near. Swimming is getting popular. Although this is a good sport for our health, we still can’t stop worrying about the sanitary condition of the swimming pool. For this reason, we find Healthier Pool Purifier. This eco-friendly gadget is a floating pool purifier powered by solar panels placed on the top of the purifier.

Solar Healthier Pool Purifier makes swimming more comfortable

A coil contained mineral electrode is plugged into a round hole in the base of the gadget, and can slowly release ions for killing algae and bacteria. And moreover, the mineral electrode also can collect some undesirable minerals, softening the water in pool. An electrode lasts about half a year. The Healthier Pool Purifier is priced at $349.95 USD. If you have a swimming pool, the purifier might be good for you. It’s a little pity that the description of range of action.

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